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Daily Bursa Tour has a visiting of the historical sites as well as climbing up to Uludag by cable car.

Bursa Daily Tour is one of the best natural tourist attaraction which is available everyday from Istanbul.



Bursa is also known as:

Green Bursa.

1 Day: Green Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul.
Tour's Pick up: 08:00 - 09:00
Tour's Drop off: 21:00 - 22:00
Tour's Duration: 13 - 14 hrs

Tour Includes
* Hotel pick up and drop off
* English Speaking Tour Guide
* Lunch
* Museum Fees
* Gassoline
* Parking Fees.
* Non Smoking air-conditioned touristical vehicle
* Local Taxes
* Serice Charge

Where to visit in Bursa Tour!
* Bursa Center.
* Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii).
* Uludag Mountain (Olympos Mountain).
* Green Mosque (Yesil Camii).
* Green Mausoleum (Yesil Turbe).
* Koza Han.
* Silk Market (The Covered Bazaar).
* 600 years old pine tree.
* Cable Car to mountain.

Detailed Itinerary

08:00-09:00 Pick up from hotel in Istanbul for Bursa tour from Istanbul.

Bursa is the first capital city of Ottoman, The city of Bursa is one of the touristical place in Turkey and famous with its reach history and well known with its green screen. Here at the Daily Bursa Tour, the visitors will have an experience of the history and natural beauty of Bursa.

Bursa Tour's participants will be picked up from their hotel in Istanbul early morning, and than drive from Istanbul to Eskihisar port and taking car ferry to Yalova ferry port. While journey by ferry againest to Yalova, enjoying the lovely country and seaside. Ferry takes about an hour and than drive to Bursa which was the former Capital city of ottoman.

Upon arrival in Bursa, taking cable car to Uludag mountain after having lovely panoramic sightseeing againt where participants will have lunch on mountain, there will be stopover for barbeque lunch. After lunch continue to visit the historical sites of Bursa.

There will be visiting to Ulucami (Grand Mosque), the Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum, the old Silk Market in the Covered Bazaar. Depart from Bursa around 19:00 and Late evening return to Istanbul and transfer to hotels.

Note: Participants will have free time for taste the nature by Atv motor, ski motor and skiing (in winter).

Daily Bursa Tour: Reviews

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Bursa Day Tour

Bursa is excellent city with its green screen, history and nature, we went to bursa from Istanbul and make the visiting in the city and climb up to olympos mountain by cable car, me and my family are happy and had great time with tour organization of car ferry, touring in bursa, guiding, our tour guide Ali was helpful and kind person and helped us for all our request during the tour.

What is the best thing to do in Bursa?

I am interesting about city of Bursa. I will have short vacation in Istanbul and want to visit Bursa as well but I do not want to make the day trip from Istanbul to Bursa. If possible, can you please let me know what is the best thing to do in Bursa?

Green bursa day tour

I had done the green bursa day tour from istanbul last year and this year i sent you my parents. Thank you for all your helps. They are so happy with doing the bursa tour with you.

how much Bursa tour

how much Bursa tour from istanbul?


How far bursa city from Istanbul, I want to make the tour but I want to know the driving from Istanbul to Bursa.

bursa tour from istanbul

How much is the bursa day tour from istanbul for 7 person. We will be staying in sultanahmet.

Daily Bursa Tour

Daily Bursa tour was excellent we make Daily Bursa Tour and private guided Istanbul Daily City Tours and historical religious tours. It was good time in Bursa and in Istanbul.

Bursa Tour : "Daily Private Bursa Tour from Istanbul"

I went to Bursa from Istanbul, it was a speical day for me and my wife in Bursa, we visit the city with a private daily tour from Istanbul. Bursa city was excellent, cleant, we also told to local people while shopping in Grand bazaar in Bursa. It was great experiences for us to walk around in the Bazaar and by the gift for friends, We were able to do the shopping in Istanbul as well, but I know the istanbul is expensive then bursa, some of my friend recommend it to make the shopping in Bursa. At the end of everything, Bursa was great city to visit. I recommend.

bursa tour

Excellent day tour of bursa from Istanbul.

Highly Recomended Bursa Tour

I joined to Bursa tour with a recommendation of one of my friend who had been in Bursa before with organization of Mr. Senol who works in Bursa-Tour.com. It was a great time and experiences for us, I also recommend his service and working for the travel. We spent a great time while visiting the city centre and climbing up to mountain in Bursa.

Bursa day tour from Istanbul

Bursa day tour, we went to Bursa from Istanbul. The tour wonderful.

Excellent Bursa Tour

Bursa was a great city, we have seen the beauty of the bursa and climb up to mountain.

Bursa Tour

Excellent tour to Bursa from Istanbul in a day, I liked the city of Bursa and cable car, climbing up to Mountain.

exellent day trip

We spent an exellent day in bursa. We went to bursa from istanbul for a day with a group. The group was small and dthe tour was great with the visiting the places was nice.

Bursa daily city tour

Can i join to bursa daily city tour from istanbul?

Bursa city

I have been in the city of bursa doing a city tour departing from Istanbul. It was a great tour of bursa including the mountain.

Great time with Bursa Tour

We had great time with Bursa Tour. They came ontime for pick up and everyone was very gentile and nice. The tour guide was great and very knowlegable. Istanbul is one of the best cities to travel around the cities. I highly advice everyone to join one of these tours.

Green bursa tour from Istanbul....

Bursa was a great and green city. I liked the bursa city with its beautiful land and I mostly, like the climbing up to Olympos mountain by cable car.

bursa city tour from istanbul

Bursa was great city. We went to bursa from Istanbul for a day while in our holiday in istanbul. We had a great day with the tour of bursa doing cable to mountain and visiting the hitorical sites in bursa center.

Bursa Tour

I had a recommendation about busa tour, I want to learn the price, how much is bursa tour for 7 person, we are like a small group, can we do private bursa tour from Istanbul? If yes, how much will it be, private driver, private tour guide and all needs of bursa?

Bursa Day Tour, Every one must do!....

We went to Bursa, it was a great day tour to bursa we had joined with a small group tour. Everything was one time with pick up, drop off, guiding, transportation and sightseeing in Bursa.. Recommend this tour to every one.

Daily Bursa tour!..

I had done daily bursa tour last week, it was nice trip. Recommend it.

Green Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul with a group

I, family went to Green bursa tour from Istanbul, It started early in the morning with hotel pick up, they were late 2 - 3 minutes. Departs from Istanbul by ferry, it was fully car no place to step on the floor, then arrive to cross and continue to drive, it was about 1, 10 minutes, long driving, we had visit the historical sites in Bursa and I just liked the climbing up to Uludag by cable car. Same way we returned back to hotel in Istanbul. It was late in the night 22:00.

Bursa Day Trip!...

We went to bursa from Istanbul . It was a great day with touring. I mostly recommend the climbing up to mountain by cable car.

"Great Bursa"

Our bursa tour was excellent, we joined tour from Istanbul with a small group and during the day of bursa tour, we had a great time in bursa and on the way when we were usiding the ferry and bus. Tour guide and drive and also group was nice.

Daily Bursa Tour from Istanbul

Daily bursa tour from istanbul, we had done the ferry and bus drive journey from/to Istanbul, tour in bursa with professional tour guide, climb up to Uludag. I liked the daily bursa tour. Recommend this trip to every one to have a very nice day in the nature.

Full dDay Bursa Tour

Full day Bursa tour was a great day for me with sightseeing in Bursa. Also climbing up to Uludag. Recommend this tour.

Bursa tour and Cable car

Bursa tour and Cable car was the worth part of the bursa tour from Istanbul which we joined. We spent great day in Bursa. We buy also some small gift from the Grand Covered bazaar in Bursa (Silk Market). The only cable car tour in bursa was 11 - 12 euro per person, it was good that it was included in our tour. When you compare at the service of guiding, transportation, lunch, entrance fees and services and takes, the price which we paid, was nothing. I recommend this tour to every one and climb up to Uludag in Bursa.

Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul during the day

Bursa day tour, we went to bursa with the arrangements of Mr. Senol who helped us for your lovely bursa day tour, thank Senol. The bursa tour was excellent with its historical sites. I mostly liked the uludag, climbing up to uluday by cable car. I recommend this taste to every one for a day from Istanbul.

Great city to visit

Bursa is a great city to visit with the nature and the best view of uludag. I recommend to visit bursa.

Bursa Tours price

Bursa Tours, we have joined to the bursa tours from Istanbul in between some options of Bursa. We went to Bursa by ferry from Istanbul via Yalova and then drive to Bursa. The city of Bursa was very nice, silent and then continue to Uludag for the sightseeing of cable car which was fantastic climbing up to mountain. It was very nice view of the landscreen in mountain. I recommend this tour.

I want to know the Green Bursa Day Tour price?

How much is the green bursa day tour price from istanbul for 11 pax, we are 9 adult and 2 kids we would like do join this tour from Anatolian part of Istanbul. Let me know the price and i will decide.

Green Bursa Tour for a day from Istanbul

Bursa was great as i knew, it was nice to see the city which is in green with the beautiful landcreen, the touring with professional tour guide was also very nice, we had a great experiences about the history and the living in a greenest city in Turkey. It was a silent day in Bursa for us.

Is Bursa worth to visit?

Is the city of bursa worth to visit, I do not have to much time, I have just 5 day in Turkey. Let me know, bursa or Sapanca?

bursa tour

I dint like the bursa tour. It war far from istanbul.

Bursa day Tours

Bursa Day Tours, there was some choises for city of Bursa from Istanbul and we make the Bursa and Uludag tour which was great time for us to be in nature and spending good time in our vacation in Turkey. We visit the city center of Bursa and climb up to Uludag by cable car. Recommend one of Bursa tours from Istanbul.

Private Bursa Tour

It was a great time with our private tour to bursa from Istanbul, during the private bursa tour, we have visited every important point with our private tour guide who was knowledgeable, great person (Mr. Ahmet). Recommend Bursa tour from Istanbul by private way, much better.

Private Bursa Tour

Me and my family, we had private bursa tour while in istanbul in our vacation, it was very nice taste of busa by visiting with the private way. We started from Istanbul in the morning and return to Istanbul late in the evening, we had a tour guide and drive, it was good because where we wanted to spend more time in Bursa, we spent and then drive to other sites that we wanted to visit. It was very great trip.

Bursa city tour

Bursa is a nice city to visit.

Bursa and Uludag Tour

Bursa and Uludag tour, we want to do and want to get price for the tour.

Excellent experience

I and my family, we went as family to the top of the mountain in Bursa with the tour. we used two cable car (telferiks) in order to reach the top of the mountin . It really great and had a lot of snow my kids enjoyed e snow last month. Also a lot of cafe there and small restaurants. The experience is worth to go and see. I highly recommend to spend a day in there mountain .

Bursa Tour From Istanbul is one of the best option to discover Bursa.

Bursa is one of the most beautiful places, so peaceful city in Turkey , you could easily forget about outside world when you inside in the city of Green tomb, and the natural beauty of Olympos mountain, while climbing up by cable car.

Bursa Tours was poor

Bursa tours was not as I wanted, It was poor. You should add to the tour where ottoman was settled before become an empire.

Bursa City Tour

Bursa city tour was very nice. We went to visit bursa from istanbul in a day.

Bursa Day Tour with my family

It was started by very nice ferry ride from Istanbul to Yalova, and then drive in the country before arrive in Bursa. Touring in Bursa and around was also nice. It is a recommendable trip for a silent day and see where the ottoman empire was having its firsth capital city.

Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul

Bursa Day Tour's picked us up on time at our hotel and after a 1 more pick quick pick up continue to ferry station to take a ferry to Yalova, our boat and were taken on a lovely relaxing ferry trip to Yalova with fresh air. After arrival to Yalove, continue to drive to Bursa, city center, we started to visit the centre for the historical sites and then continue to Uludag which was great and beautiful, I wanted to live there for a while but i didnt have time to stay. The Bursa day tour from Istanbul was fabulous for me and my family, I recommend it. At the end of the tour, same way we return to Istanbul to our hotel. It was late night. The tour was really long because of the traffic but every muments of the tour was worth to spend.

Bursa Daily Tour from Istanbul

Bursa Daily tour was not as i want, less history, more relaxing trip.

Bursa Tour

Me and my family, we made the bursa tour from Istanbul, it was nice trip in the end. Started early in the morning and return in the evening, between those times, we had a transportation by ferry to Yalova from Istanbul and then drive from Yalova to Bursa, visiting the Great Mosque, Green Tomb, Climb up to Uludag and having barbeque lunch in the mountain, visiting the 600 years old tree and silk market in Bursa. And then return to Istanbul same way, it was about 12 - 13 hours journey.

Bursa Tour from Istanbul

Bursa tour Tour, I had joined with a group when i was in my short vacation in Istanbul, it was avarage trip.

Bursa Tour, I made it with bursa tour . com. The guide was excellent!

Bursa Tour, I made it with bursa tour . com. The guide was excellent! Booked a whole day Bursa Tour from Bursa-Tour com in Istanbul. We departed from hotel in Istanbul with pick up service, taken to the meeting point of the group, met with tour guide and group which was about 15 people in the group. And then continue to ferry station to take ferry to Yalova where we had a driving to Bursa. It was about 2 hour jouney by ferry and bus. we arrived in Bursa and started our tour from the historical sites in the center and then continue to Olimpos mountain which was fabulous view of the city and landscreen. It was a great time at the end o the day with touring in Bursa and climbing up to Uludag by cable car. We also had lunch on the mountain barbeque lunch wich was nice taste on the mountain and fresh air. It was totally, good day and experiences about Bursa and the silent city. Recommend this tour to veryone.

Bursa City Tour from Istanbul

Bursa, we went to visit the green, history and see the silent city which was recommended us by one of our friend who had been in Istanbul and visit Bursa. We went to Bursa with friend's recommendation and we found the city fabulous, nice place to visit and been in nature, green landscreen. We spent a very nice day.

Bursa Tour

Bursa tour; we made when we were in Istanbul. The tour was very nice and the money was worth effort the tour. It was covered the history, culture and nature with the beautiful of city. It's a very good programe, recommend it.

Bursa Tour

Bursa tour was a great experience for us about the nature in Turkey. Bursa is very beautiful green city and also has history, recommend it to visit to everyone.

Bursa Tour was nice to visit a different green city in Turkey.

Me and My family, we had joined to daily bursa tour from Istanbul last week, it was started from hotel with pick up was good and on time, we went to ferry and then drive untill bursa. We visited the Great Mosque and Green Tomb also we visit the Uludga and climb up by cable car and had a lunch in mountain, on the way back, we visit also 600 years old tree. Tour was nice. Thanks to everyone who helped us.

Bursa City Tour from Istanbul

It was excellent trip to city of Bursa and discover its green screen and historical sites in our vacation in Istanbul. Bursa is a recommendable city to visit with its huge history of Ottoman Empire and beautiful landscreen.

Magical City of Bursa

Bursa tour was fabulous for the Ottoman civilization,and The beauty of nature of Olympos mountain.

Bursa Daily Tour From Istanbul (Greenest City)

Bursa daily tour from Istanbul, we went to this tour with a group while in our trip to Istanbul. It was good organization for the silent and greenest city. It was a tour from crowded city to nature and with a small group. Bursa daily tour was started in the morning by ferry from Istanbul to cross the sea and then continue to bursa by drive, in the center of the city, visiting the historical sites and then continue to natural beauty of the mountain, called Uludag (Olympos).

bursa tour

I went to bursa with a tour group from Istanbul in my istanbul vacation. It was a recommended trip but it was not like what i was waiting for.

Tour to Bursa from istanbul

Bursa tour was very good with the visiting the historical site and nature of the city. Firstly thanks to everyone one, especially tour guide Mehmet. It is a great trip.

Bursa great tour

Thanks for your help to arrange a beautifully tour for us.

Bursa Daily Tour was not well organized

I didnt like the bursa tour. I do not recommend it.

Bursa Tour was nice

Bursa tour from Istanbul, we went with my family, It was not like what is was waiting, touring in the green and silent city was nice, Uludag was great, journey by ferry was good.

Bursa Daily Tour from Istanbul by tour coach

Bursa daily tour, we went a travel agency while walking in the street, we get information and price, then we decided to search in internet and we found many, different price for the bursa, the street was like that as well. I booked from internet then I didnt want to go out to travel agency. Everything was the same price also was the same. Bursa tour was great trip. It was not historical trip, it was a natural trip to visit the green screen in bursa and some ruins and old building from the Ottoman period and the silent city. I recommend this to try.

Busa Tour in a day from Istanbul

we went to bursa tour from istanbul in a day. I likede the mountain in Bursa and green mosque, silk market.

My Great Daily Bursa Tour

I went to Bursa from Istanbul which was excellent experience of Uludag and Bursa with the historical sites. I also tasted the turkish delight and bougth some. I recommend to every body. Go to Bursa and see those beauty.

Bursa City Tour from Istanbul

We went to bursa from Istanbul which was the greenest city we visited, I liked the Bursa with its green and the history. The Ottoman history was started in Bursa and thats why it is also one of important city in Turkey.

Day Trip to Bursa

I went to bursa from Istanbul, it was nice trip especially to have a private tour guide and have information about each point, you wonder was very nice. Bursa is a green city and having huge history. I recommend this tour to every one.

Nice to See Green while in a big city in Istanbul

It was the green and some white city while in Bursa. Great trip to out of Istanbul to be far from the city and crowded in a day.

Nice Tour to Bursa from Istanbul

I liked the tour of Bursa from Istanbul, it was nice with the green and history.

Bursa Tour was not as I waiting!...

It was a great started for bursa tour from Istanbul, we started from hotel on time, I didnt like the ferry and bus drive early in the morning and the same way return, it can be returned to Istanbul by the highway.

Tour to Bursa

It was good day in bursa with family.

Imagine Bursa Tour

Me and my family, we had join tour from Istanbul to Bursa while we stay in Istanbul. I liked the city of Bursa, less crowded then Istanbul and the history of the city with the beginnig of Ottoman was excellent, It was a nice city to discover while in Istanbul. Bursa is also very nice city with Bursa's green screen. Recommend this tour as an alternative tour from Istabul.

Excellent day of touring in Bursa

Great day we spent in Bursa

Excellent Daily Bursa Tour from Istanbul!..

My family and I we had a great day tour to Bursa from Istanbul. The tour from begining to end it was wonderful with all the organization. I liked the tour, it was informative, tour guide informed us about the each site in the tour. I recommend Bursa daily tour from Istanbul which is silent, nice time to be far from the big cities.

Great Day in Bursa

I went to Bursa and visit the history and nature of the with a group. It can better.

A Day From Istanbul to Bursa!...

Great experiences about the historical and naturel sites in Bursa. My family and I joined a day Istanbul to Bursa with a group. It was excellent experience for the Grand Mosque and Silk Market and also olmpos mountain in Bursa.

The Day tour from Istanbul to Bursa

Me and my family, we had joined Istanbul to Bursa Tour last week. It was nice arrangements of historical sites in Bursa and nature of it. I was cold, i didnt like it.

A full day tour from Istanbul to Bursa and Uludag mountain!...

It was a nice journey from Istanbul to Bursa by bus and ferry to Eskihisar then drive to Bursa, joining with the nature and climb up to Uludag by cable car. Had lunch in mountain, visiting the historical site and walking in grand bazaar in Bursa then return to Istanbul. We also visited a 600 years old tree. It was agreat taste of visiting the silent city of Bursa. Recommend to Everyone.

Full day trip fro Istanbul to Bursa, and Uludag mountain by cable car!..

Nice trip by bus and ferry to Yalova then bus and cable car to the middle of Uludag mountain. Very nice interesting trip with lot of nice views specially seeing the city from the mountains. The cable car ride to the mountain top is marvelous. The BBQ lunch on top was special experience.

Bursa Tour

Day trip from Istanbul to Bursa was great time for me. I mostly liked the grand bazaar (silk market) in bursa.

Istanbul to Bursa Tour

We started early in the morning with a depart from istanbul to meeting point and the continue to ferry station to take a ferry from Istanbul to Eskihisar and then drive to Bursa. It was great taste at first visiting of bursa, I liked it. It was a great experiences about the city of Bursa. In bursa tour, we continue to Olympus mountain which is the hightest hill of Bursa and fully green city. I recommend this tour to every one to have silent day and history also green landscape in Bursa.

Good Tour of Green Bursa

I didnt like the ferry journey from Istanbul to Bursa, It was not all the way by the ferry. Tour was good.

Great Bursa!...

Great time in the city of Bursa. I recommend this organization to everyone.

Great Service for Bursa from Istanbul !...

It was a great time to be in nature in Bursa for me with the friends. The organization was excellent from begenning to End, I mostly like the green of Bursa and Olympos mountain in Bursa.

Bursa Tour from Istanbul was a excellent experience

it was excellent experiences of Bursa nature and history and also climb up to olympos mountain.

Good organization for Bursa from Istanbul

I liked the tour of Bursa, we had joined from Istanbul last week, I just didnt like, I was thinking it was closer, but it was far. It is nice city for history and natural beauty. I recommend bursa tour

Beautiful Day in Bursa

We started this tour from Istanbul and driver took us to Bursa, It was great city and Bursa was covered by the green screen and the historical monuments of Ottoman.

Excellent Tour of Green and History in Bursa

The Bursa Tour was excellent, I just didnt like the driver while driving because he was faster then roads allowded. I wish that he can be careful about choosing a driver with my points. I am giving less point because of driver. The touring was excellent and tour guide was knowledgeable, friendly and kind. Lunch was excellent as well.

One of the most beautiful Green City.

Great tour of green Bursa which was keeping the history and green together. I liked the Bursa tour with the guiding and beeing in a natural beauty in Olympos mountain.

Great Tour of First Capital Cit yof Ottoman for Us!..

Me and my family, have been in this tour last saturday. I was interest in Ottoman history and the arch of Ottoman in the city of Bursa. When we got into the bazaar, I felt the history of Ottomans. The guide, Mr. Mahmuta was knowledgeable and the tour was informative about the history of Ottoman with his knowledge. Recommend to visit the city of Bursa to everyone while in a vacation in Turkey.

Great Tour of Green Bursa From Istanbul

Me and my family, we went this tour of Bursa, Great time it was for us joining to visit the historical and natural sites in Bursa. I recommend this Bursa Tour to every one.

Good Organization for Bursa

I liked the Bursa and the green of It.

Nice Tour of Bursa

I liked the city of Bursa. The tour arrangements was good with pick up, drop off, guiding and lunch.

White (Snow) Bursa Tour from Istanbul

It was very nice trip to Bursa from Istanbul. Me and my family, we met with the while tour in Bursa, great to be in snow.

Great Trip with the Snow in Bursa

It was great suny day in Bursa, Me and my family we enjoyed the day tour from Istanbul to Bursa. It was excellent arrangement and had time to touch to the snow. If you are travelling in Turkey and If it is winter period, go to city of Bursa and Toch the snow. It is differend feeling and very nice.

Green and Bursa

Bursa is very nice city and the city covered by the green. It was a very nice trip to Bursa from Istanbul. Me and my family spent a good time in Bursa. Definitely recommend Green Bursa Tour from Istanbul.

Worth a day tour from Istanbul to Bursa

It was a great day tour to Bursa from Istanbul which me and my family had joined. It was en excellent organization with sightseeing, guiding, local lunch in the grean area. Recommend to everyone.

Green Bursa Tour was excellent with a tour guide Mehmet

It was good starting to the day last week in Istanbul, verynice sunshine in the morning, we picked up from hotel after our breakfast and meet with tour guide and group, it was not big group which is good. We continue to ferry station to cross the Asian side of Istanbul and then continue to Bursa by drive. Arrival to city of Bursa was good and touring with Mr. Mehmet was excellent in the historical and natural sites of Bursa. He is knowledgeable, friendly excellent person. At the end of the tour same way we returned to Istanbul.

Excellent trip to Bursa from Istanbul!..

It was a gread day and excellent trip to Bursa from Istanbul. I had joined from Istanbul to Bursa day tour. It was a great service with touring, lunch, transportation, sightseeing. Recommend to Everyone.

Great site to visit!...

Bursa is a beautiful city and it is a green city, good choise to visit for a silent vacation.

Good for Value

I liked the city and the tour but I didnt like that we returned to Istanbul late in the evening.

History and Green Trip

The daily tour of Bursa from Istanbul was included history and mostly green. The city is green very nice for summer I think. Tour and organization was excellent.

Beautiful city

I liked the city and the mountain, it was very nice to climb up to Olympos mountain. I recommend to everyone.

Lovely trip to Bursa

It was a wonderful trip to Bursa from Istanbul. Me and my family and with a friend, we done this tour with the help of Mr. Senol who arranged the Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul for us and made us having a wonderful day in Bursa with the snow, sightseeing, guiding, lunch, very point of the tour was great. Recommend this tour to everyone. Thank for everything Aliyah.

the Greenest city in Turkey

The tour was started from hotel with pickup wihch was on time in Istanbul, on the way with ferry and car sightseeing untill Bursa which was also great then we arrived in Bursa, beautiful city that everyone should visit for its grean and natural beauty and historicly. The organization was very well, recommend this tour to everyone.

Very Nice Touristical Day Tour from Istanbul

Excellent touristical day, I mostly liked the green and the cable car while climbing up to mountain.

Green Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul on Monday?

I want to learn the price of this tour for Monday, is the green Bursa tour available? (I meant is there seat, we want to join to the group tour).

Great City for fresh up.

We went to the city of Bursa with a recommendation of our friends who has been there before. It was nice ferry and bus journey untill arrive to Bursa, It was great when we arrived in the greenest part of the city that we understood. Great city for fresh up, silent, history.

Beautiful City

Bursa is a great city to visit, I mostly liked the green and the history of the Bursa. Also shopping availability in the Grand Bazaar was excellent. It is recommendable place to visit in Turkey.

Excellent Day Trip from Istanbul to Bursa

We started from Istanbul early in the morning and return to Istanbul in the evening, It was great arrangements and well organized trip. Recommend to everyone.

Green and Wonderful Day in Bursa!..

The day was started in the morning and we met with the group of the day and tour guide and then drive to ferry port to cross the Asian side to drive to the city of Bursa. After around two hours we arrived, the city was great and green, I like the city and the touring in and around the city, especially climbing up to Olympos mountain and having a tea break under the grand tree which was 600 years old, After compeleting the our sightseeing and visiting in Bursa we returned to Istanbul it was a long day because we returned around 9pm in the evening. From beginning to end it was a great service with the driving, touring, sightseeing and guiding, recommend this tour to everyone, just for enjoing a day out of Istanbul.

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