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Bursa-Tour.com aims to help to the Bursa's visitors who like to make a Bursa day tour and bursa trip from Istanbul.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul is available everyday that you can make your daily tour to Bursa and make easy plan of your Bursa day trip.

Bursa Tour: Bursa trip is easy any more just make your booking online and join to your Bursa day trip which is departing from Istanbul everyday and complete your Bursa day trip then return to Istanbul with the great natural memories and history of Bursa City.

If you like to make a special day trip to Bursa from Istanbul, there are some ways to do it. The passibility of the day tour of Bursa is private Bursa tour or private Bursa day trip. If you like to make an easy visiting to Bursa, you can make a day trip to Bursa. If you like to have your own experiences and visit the city of Bursa as long as you want it is better to make a private day trip to city of Bursa.

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Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, we have spend lots of great time in bursa. Thanks to everyone of bursa-tour.com workers. I will recommend your service and bursa tour. All the best.

Virnia Burris | 5.0/5 | 21 February 2018

Bursa Tour (Bursa Tours From Istanbul)

Type.: Bursa Tour is one of Full Day Regular of Bursa Tour
Meeting Point.: Hotel Lobby in Istanbul and Bursa.
Pick Up Time At.: 07:45 - 08:15 (approx.)
Finishes at.: 22:00 - 23:00 (approx.)
Duration.: 14 hrs.
Available.: 365 days in year

07:45 - 08:15 AM Depart from hotel to Bursa Tour with pick up service.

Bursa Tour covers the Coverd Bazaar (Silk Market), Green, Mosque and Tomb (Yeşil Türbe), Olympos Mountain (Uludag), 600 years old Pine Tree.

Bursa Tour departs from Istanbul by ferry to Yalova and continue to Bursa by coach.

For Bursa Tour, travel by car ferry to Yalova, and enjoy the sea and land view of Istanbul and Asian side. (The most famous thing to do during the journey is feeding the seagull by simit (Kind of bread wiith sesame on it)). Arrival to Yalova continue to Bursa by coach. After Arrival to centre in Bursa, during the Bursa Tour, there will be visiting the Coverd Bazaar (Silk Market) that you can shop there after having information from the guide and then continue to visit Green Mosque and Tomb (Yesil Camii ve Türbe). Continue to Uludag by Cable Car where you will enjoy the natural beauty of the city of Bursa while you are using the cable car to mountain.

After lunch you will have free time on top of the mountain, in your free time you can hire an ATV and you can make mountain safari (During the winter you can hire a ski motor and skiing From December to April). After leisure on top of mountain drive down back to Istanbul. On the way, we have a stopover in 600 years old Plane Tree and have rest there. After having rest under the pine tree. Late evening return from Bursa to Istanbul.

22:00 - 23:00 PM Bursa Tour will be ended at the hotel in istanbul with drop off service. Bursa Tour is long day tour, the time is always upto traffic.

- Hotel pick up and drop off in Istanbul.
- Transportation during the tour in Bursa.
- Car Ferry from Istanbul to Bursa.
- Road Tolls
- Parking and Gasoline

- Turkish and Egnlish, Arabic Speaking Professional tour guide.

- Barbecue Lunch on the mountaion.

Entrance Fees
- Museums, Monumens, Ruins entrance fees during the bursa tour.
- Cable car in Bursa for the mountaion.

- Local Taxes.
- Service Charges.

Additional Information
- Bursa Tour has walking and not recommended for the people who has difficulties with walking.
- When you book the one of Bursa Tour the confirmation will be received at time of booking.
- Under 18 years Children who is going to join to one of Bursa Tour, must be accompanied by an adult.
- We kindly request our guests to be ready 10 minutes before pick up time of Any Bursa Tour.
- Hotel Transfers (Pick up and Drop offf) are included from the central hotels in District of Fatih, Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş).


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Bursa: Bursa is one of the most beautiful natural city nearby Istanbul.

Bursa was the first capital city of Ottoman Empire and with this keeps a huge place in the history of Ottoman Period. Most of People who like to visit Bursa by doing a Bursa day trip from Istanbul and enjoy the history and nature in a day in Bursa.

Bursa Tours: Bursa Trips with the traveling experts at Bursa-tour.com, we organize day trip to Bursa from Istanbul everyday that everyone can get the great experiences of the Bursa tour in a day from Istanbul and have got those unforgetable memories of nature and history.

Why I should do Bursa Day Trip?

Bursa is one of the most beautiful natural city in Turkey, nearby Istanbul. If you like to visit the nature and relax in a nature during the holiday. You should join to Bursa day trip from Istanbul in a day and have this experiences.

What Do I Expect From Bursa Day Tour?

Bursa Tour is included almost everything during the day that the thing, you need to do is just to join and have fun and have experiences of the history, nature and Ottoman heritage during the Bursa Day Tour. Bursa Day Tour is included professional tour guide who will be with you during the tour and you will be having informative day trip in Bursa. In same time during the Bursa day trip, you will have chance to walk in the nature on top of the Olympos mountain in Bursa.

At What Time Does Bursa Trip Start?

Bursa Trip starts from hotels in Istanbul the time is changeable according to hotel location. The Trip to Bursa starts from the central hotels at 08:00 - 30 am.

At What Time Does Bursa Trip End?

Bursa Trip ends at the centreal hotels in Istanbul at 21:00 - 22:00 pm, if there is traffic in Istanbul, it can be ended up 22:00 - 23:00 pm

What Is The Age Limit To Join To The Bursa Day Trip From Istanbul?

There is no age limit to join to the Bursa day trip, everyone who likes to visit the city of Bursa in a holiday, can join to Bursa trip, the only thing is if the participants is under 18 years old, there should be with accompany or with parents.

What Is The Group Size of Bursa Tour?

The Group size of Bursa Tour From Istanbul is about 15 to 20 people.

What Is The Language of Bursa Day Tour's Guide?

The Tour guide's languages of Bursa is in English.

What Is The Prosedure to Join To Bursa Tour? If Our Hotel Is Out Of The Pick Up And Drop Off Areas.

Firstly, wherever you are in Istanbul, you can join to Bursa Tour and visit Bursa with our day trip to Bursa. Secondly, You will be informed about the meeting point or with the additional cost according to your location, you can be picked up with the private transfer and transferred to meeting point of the group of bursa day trip.